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    安裝環境,一些小店安裝是在露天進行操作,工作人員的工作服很臟,音響是安裝完了,可是車里的內飾 和車的外表臟了。買了新車換音響是件好事,可是帶來許多不良后果,是件痛心的事情。專業店是在室內操作,它的好處:   1、干凈,保證車內外清潔。   2、不受溫 度影響,溫度太低時拆卸塑料件時容易損壞。   3、不受天氣影響,刮風下雨可正常工作。   4、因為有照明,所以白天、黑天都能工作。對于音響我們更多的時候只知道欣賞,卻忘記了如何的安裝,因為安裝不好,那音響的整體效果就不會完美,所以安裝音響也需要一定的小技巧。
    According to the analysis of the installation environment of different installation environments, some small shops are installed in the open air to operate, the staff's work clothes are dirty, the sound is installed, but the car's interior and the car's exterior are dirty. It's a good thing to buy a new car and change the stereo, but it brings a lot of bad consequences, and it's a sad thing. Professional shop is operated indoors, its benefits: 1. Clean, to ensure that the car inside and outside clean. 2. It is not affected by temperature. When the temperature is too low, it is easy to damage when removing plastic parts. 3. Not affected by the weather, wind and rain can work normally. 4. Because of the illumination, it can work in daytime and dark. For audio, we only know how to appreciate, but forget how to install, because the installation is not good, the overall effect of the audio will not be perfect, so the installation of audio also requires a certain skill.

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