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    Now the audio line has two cores, three cores, four cores, five cores and so on. Because of its good shielding effect, this line can be used to transmit high-quality audio signals. Now more professional microphones generally use more than three cores of wire, which has strong anti-interference ability and can be used for long-distance transmission. Of course, this kind of wire can also transmit other signals, such as DMX512 control signal of computer lamp.
    2、 同軸電纜線
    2. Coaxial cable
    Usually used in video, there are also some audio lines. Because of the poor anti-interference ability of the wire, and the design is not mainly used to transmit audio signals, it is not suitable for long-distance audio signal transmission.
    3、 集中式電纜線
    3. Centralized Cable
    就是多條訊號線包裹在同一個保護管內,一般是連接系統內部使用,以減少獨保定平面設計培訓  防撞墻模具 防撞墻模具 防撞護欄模具 大棚遮陽網 遮陰網   立線材的數量?,F在也用在諸如電視轉播車、地下預埋和其它特殊方面。這種線一般是有專業廠家加工好的,質量上較有保障。
    It means that multiple signal lines are wrapped in the same protective tube, which is usually used inside the connection system to reduce the number of independent wires. It is also used in special areas such as television broadcasters, underground burial and so on. This kind of line is usually processed by professional manufacturers, and its quality is guaranteed.
    4、 光纖
    4. Optical Fiber
    許多 CD 或 MD 等錄放音器材上常使用的傳輸線材,它傳送的是數碼信號。隨著數字化的普及,今后光纖在音響系統里的運用會越來越多.
    Many CD or MD recording and playback equipment commonly used transmission wire, which transmits digital signals. With the popularization of digitalization, more and more optical fibers will be used in audio systems in the future.
    5、 MIDI 線
    5. MIDI line
    通常為五芯線,傳送有關 MIDI 的信息,現在大多數使用在鍵盤、效果器等設備上。
    Usually five-core wires are used to transmit information about MIDI. Now most of them are used on keyboards, effects and other devices.
    6、 還有一些特殊的線材
    6. There are also some special wires.
    For example, the multi-core network wires used to connect the network in the computer song-ordering system can also be used to transmit audio and video, and realize the computer automatic on-demand function.

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