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    從屬性與特殊性 From attributes and particularity 它是戲劇綜合藝術的組成部分之一,應從屬于戲劇藝術的整體,依據劇本的內容,導演總體構思、表演風格、舞臺造型的總體設想等,用光的手段,如光強、光色、光區、光位、光質、光影、光束、光的運動等,對舞臺上人物和景物進行投射,并使布景、服裝、化妝、道具等諸多因素的明暗,色彩統一協調起來,創造完美的舞臺畫面和場景。 It is one of the components of the comprehensive art of drama. It should belong to the whole of the theatrical art, according to the content of the script, the general idea of the director, the style of the performance, the general idea of the stage modeling, etc., with the means of light, such as light intensity, light color, light area, light, light, light, light, light, and so on. And the scene is projected, and the scenery, clothing, make-up, props and many other factors of light and shade, color harmonize together to create a perfect stage picture and scene. 可塑性和可控性 Plasticity and controllability 現代燈光藝術中,光的強弱、色彩、分布、運動均可塑造人物和景物的形態、立體感、空間感、又均可通過控制設備進行組合調配及變化。 In modern lighting art, the intensity, color, distribution and movement of light can shape the shape, stereoscopic sense and spatial sense of the characters and scenery, and can also be combined and changed by controlling the equipment. 藝術性和技術性的結合 The combination of artistic and technical 舞臺燈光的制作既要依靠設計人員的藝術構思,又要依靠燈光設備(燈具和控制設備)和集體操作的技術來體現。只有好的構思,沒有好的設備,是不可能有效果的,當然同時具備了構思和設備,沒有一個好的操作人員,也是同樣糟糕的。 The production of stage lighting depends not only on the artistic conception of designers, but also on the technology of lighting devices (lamps and control devices) and collective operation techniques. Only good ideas, without good equipment, can not be effective, of course, at the same time with the idea and equipment, without a good operator, is also bad. 燈光操作人員不僅要最大限度了解設備的特性,同時要有一定的藝術素質,要熟悉戲劇演出中的每個細節,記牢舞臺調度和節奏。 The lighting operators should not only understand the characteristics of the equipment to the maximum extent, but also have some artistic quality. They should be familiar with every detail in the theatrical performance, and keep the stage scheduling and rhythm.

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